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Dr. Kathy Platoni talks to WHIO-TV regarding mass shooting

Following the shocking and horrific mass shooting in Dayton, Lee Jean Heller and I, both members of the SW Ohio Critical Incident Stress Management Team for almost 3 decades, were interviewed by WHIO news anchor, Cheryl McHenry.

We spoke about the devastating impact of this monumental tragedy during the early morning hours of August 4th and of trauma upon first responders, as well as the entire Dayton community. Nine innocent civilians were killed during this massacre. The City of Dayton has been rocked by continual tragedies since the eve of Memorial Day this year, when many areas of SW Ohio were leveled or severely damaged by 15 tornadoes in rapid succession. #DaytonStrong

Dayton shooting: Ft. Hood survivor helps officers deal with stress of ‘carnage’

First responders on the scene of Dayton’s mass shooting — those who took down a gunman and others who treated the wounded — may find it hard to heal emotionally from the experience, said clinical psychologist Dr. Kathy Platoni.

“Even for the most seasoned officers, you are going to see some psychological reactions,” Platoni said. “This certainly has a far-reaching impact on anybody who was there and who had to witness this kind of carnage.”



Situational awareness: Why knowing your location can keep you safe during severe weather

“Who owns a map anymore? We rely on our GPS,” said Kathy Platoni, psychologist. “We rely on Google Maps, on our cell phones.”

“We’ve had the ultimate wake-up call in the Dayton area,” said Platoni. “It’s time to pay attention.”

Knowing where you are on a map is very important to staying alive.

Local doctor's mission to help SWAT members cope after traumatic situations

Platoni, who is a 34-year army veteran helps SWAT members, victims and family members at the scene of a crime. The retired colonel who has served overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, now is working to help those families and SWAT members cope with the stress of a standoff or shooting. Click image for 2:06-min interview.

Retired Army Colonel explains how to deal with active shooter situations

Dr. Kathy Plantoni, who is a retired Army Colonel talked to News Center 7 on Monday and explained how it can be difficult from a mentality perspective, to deal with active shooter type scenarios.


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Fort Hood Massacre

The is the first installment, we hope, of a full expose and a much larger story real truths behind the Fort Hood Massacre.

Mr. Howard Berry and I have labored unceasingly to obtain the long overdue recognition deserved by the victims and the benefits due them and their families. The manipulation of the facts surrounding this event is a blot on our country's honor and must be redressed. 

Judicial Watch was helping in this mission, but this is no on hold due to funding issues. Here is a 9-minute video highlighting the case of one of the casualties. ( I am a survivor of the Fort Hood Massacre.) I hope that you will view this 9-minute documentary and pass it on to others so that they will be sufficiently compelled to join us in demanding justice for those who gave and continue to give the last full measure of devotion to our country. 

While this national tragedy occurred 8 years ago, medical disability payments are still being denied the wounded because the shooter, Nidal Hasan, is not deemed an enemy of the state and the Fort Hood Massacre is not considered an act of domestic terrorism. There have been 6 suicides, per Mr. Berry, among the wounded and the survivors, including his beloved son.

Throughout the course of the last 5 years, I have contacted and implored 19 Congresspersons for assistance and intervention on behalf of the wounded and the families of the fallen and all of them have failed to respond to our pleas. Mr. Berry has personally contacted every single elected official in this great United States, but to no avail. Many actually slammed their doors in his face. This is purely contemptible.

Though the Purple Heart Medal was awarded to the 33 Soldiers and 13 KIA in 2015, the requisite benefits that accompany the Purple Heart have not. Furthermore, those who received other than gunshot wounds received nothing.

Please take a few minutes to watch this documentary and join us in taking action, whether active duty military, reserve forces, National Guard, civilian or simply interested in the pursuit of justice for the many victims of this tragedy.




Second Fort Hood Attack

CLICK the image above  for Dr. Platoni's interview with CNN following 2014's second attack at Fort Hood.

CLICK the image above for Dr. Platoni's interview with CNN following 2014's second attack at Fort Hood.

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